ELA is powered by the work of its volunteers, who have made contributions to the organization in every area.

ELA is powered by the work of its volunteers. Over the years, dozens of ELA volunteers have played a major role in documenting, describing, analyzing, and mapping languages in New York and beyond. Others have helped with fundraising, communications, translation, digitization, public events, and other ELA initiatives. Many volunteers are undergraduate and graduate students in linguistics at colleges and universities in the New York area, particularly the Endangered Language Initiative at CUNY. Others are language activists, language enthusiasts, and simply interested New Yorkers. Speakers of less common and endangered languages are particularly welcome. Please get in touch!

NOTE: At the moment, we are only taking volunteers on an occasional basis where there is a close fit between a volunteer’s skill set and interests and ELA’s current needs, but please subscribe to our newsletter and keep in touch to hear about future opportunities.