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Founded in 2010, the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is a non-profit dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.

Featured Story

Featured Story
Language City

A portrait of contemporary New York City, the most linguistically diverse city in history, through six speakers of little-known and overlooked languages

Featured Language

Featured Language

One of an estimated 140 indigenous languages of Nepal, Seke is mainly spoken in the five villages in the Upper Mustang district, near the Tibetan border—as well as in the cities of Pokhara, Kathmandu, and New York.

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New Shopify Store Live!

Thanks for your patience as we slowly edge our way into the modern world! Check out, where it’s easy than ever to donate any amount to ELA or give to get one of our maps, t-shirts, or storybooks. It’ll soon be integrated into this site as well. Shoot us a note at if…

ELA in the NY Times

In “The World Capital of Endangered Languages”, New York Times journalist Alex Carp follows ELA’s work documenting and mapping endangered languages in New York and beyond. Citing LANGUAGE CITY—the new book about the city’s languages and ELA’s work by co-director Ross Perlin—the piece also features (literally) moving portraits of speakers of a dozen languages from…