Forging a Future for Languages

Founded in 2010, the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is a non-profit dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.

Featured Story

Featured Story
New installation at LaGuardia Airport

ELA’s NYC language map served as the basis and inspiration for artist Mariam Ghani’s “The Worlds We Speak”, a prominent permanent installation at Delta’s new LaGuardia terminal.

Featured Language

Featured Language
Tu'un Savi (Mixtec)

Mixtec, spoken by over half a million Indigenous Mexicans mostly in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guerrero, is one of the most widely known Indigenous languages in NYC today. (Photo from The Migration Codex by Cinthya Santos-Briones)

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Recent Updates

La Lucha Continua

In July, ELA launched a slew of new programs run by and centered on East Harlem’s Indigenous community, where Tu’un Savi (Mixtec), Mam, Nahuatl, and other Indigenous Latin American languages are spoken. Health—and particularly health literacy—has been at the heart of these programs, which are all about the connections between health on the one hand…

ELA @ This is NY in Queens

On June 15, ELA was at Queens Borough Hall with the founders of the Queens Night Market, the Queens Historical Society, the Queens Library, students from Newcomers High School, and a number of other groups as part of the inaugural Festival of NY. We showed the language map, introduced ELA’s work, and met an amazing…