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Founded in 2010, the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is a non-profit dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.

Featured Story

Featured Story
Salud Indígena

El Proyecto de Salud Indígena de Nueva York es una iniciativa por la salud de los pueblos originarios en NYC. (Pagina en español)

Featured Language

Featured Language

One of an estimated 140 indigenous languages of Nepal, Seke is mainly spoken in the five villages in the Upper Mustang district, near the Tibetan border—as well as in the cities of Pokhara, Kathmandu, and New York.

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Get an NYC language map for $20!

For a limited time only, we are offering maps which have experienced some wear and tear, but are still very much legible, for just $20 to cover our expenses. In perfect condition these go for $50. See the image below. Note that the corners of the maps may be bent, and some of the surface may…

9/5 at 6 pm: Metathesis and Unmetathesis in Amarasi

On 9/5 at 6 pm at ELA, Owen Edwards of Australia National University will be talking about Amarasi, an Austronesian language of western Timor. Owen will provide a complete analysis of synchronic CV -> VC metathesis in the language. Metathesis and unmetathesis realise a paradigm of parallel forms, pairs of which occur to complement each other throughout the language.