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Founded in 2010, the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is a non-profit dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.

Featured Story

Featured Story
NYC Poetry in Every Language

NYC Poetry in Every Language: a sneak preview of a new anthology on Tuesday June 13, 6:30 pm at ELA — free, live, and open to all

Featured Language

Featured Language

The Garifuna language is spoken primarily in Honduras, Belize and Guatemala, with a large population of speakers today also found in New York City, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

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Next event June 13; no May event

Our free event series Unheard Of! Languages and Literatures from Around the World continues. There’s no event on May 16 has been cancelled, but the last event of the season (NYC Poetry in Every Language) will be live at ELA on June 13, 6:30 pm (3 W 18th Street, 6th Fl). Details and free RSVP here:…

Teaching Endangered Languages Against the Odds

Join us on April 4 at 6:30 for Teaching Endangered Languages Against the Odds, part of our continuing event series Unheard Of! Languages and Literatures from Around the World. It’s free and open all to all — just let us know you’re coming by RSVPing here. The location is ELA’s office in Manhattan at 3 W 18th Street (6th…