NYC Language Map: 631 languages at 970 sites

May 15, 2019

Languages of New York map copy

Our full-scale (24 x 36), all-color language map of New York City, featuring 631 languages at 970 different sites, is ready!

We’re now offering the First Edition of this unique map to anyone who donates $50 in support of ELA’s work with speakers of languages in New York and around the world. (If you’ve already ordered, you should get your map soon.)

There are three ways to receive the map — contributing to this just-launched fundraiser on Facebook, donating via Paypal, or with an old-school check mailed to us and made out to Endangered Language Alliance.

If you donate $65, we’ll add in EITHER our (13″ x 16″) language map of Queens, featuring over 150 languages, or an ELA t-shirt showing I ❤ NY in all the possible sentence orders in the languages of the world.

*Please add $20 for shipping outside the US*

Please send your mailing address to to receive your map!