ELA's work has been covered by The New York Times, the BBC, and many other outlets.

Since ELA’s founding in 2010, our work has been covered widely by media outlets around the world in print, on the radio, and with video. Pushing back against the idea of linguists or new technologies “saving” “dying” languages, we emphasize the long-standing, day-in day-out efforts of communities and individuals working on behalf of their own languages. Below is a selection of just some of the media coverage that has resulted from ELA’s work, which in turn furthers that work by raising awareness and (hopefully) ultimately bringing more resources to minority language communities.

Spend All Day with this Interactive Map of NYC’s Astounding Linguistic Diversity – Gothamist (2021)

Himalayan New Yorkers Tell Stories of Covid-19 – Nepali Times (2020)

Saving Vanishing Words – Christian Science Monitor (2019)

The Fight Is On to Save Toronto’s Languages – CBC (2017)

Can Dying Languages Be Saved? – New Yorker (2015)

Struggling To Preserve an Iranian Jewish Language Before It Goes Extinct – Tablet (2013)

When New Yorker Rose Monintja speaks her native tongue, the memories flood back – PRI (2013)

Far from Mexico Students Try Saving Aztec Language – NPR (2012)

New York, a Graveyard for Languages – BBC (2012)

He sings to save Garifuna, the language of his ancestors and community – PRI (2011)

Languages in Danger of Extinction – CNN (2010)

City of Endangered Languages – New York Times (2010)