ELA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entirely supported by donations. Support has come from major federal agencies such as the NSF, NEA, and NEH, as well as city agencies, universities, private foundations, institutes, corporations, and individuals.


  • The New York City Department of Health
  • The New York City Department of Youth and Community Development
  • NYC Census 2020 Complete Count Fund

Foundations and Non-Profits

  • Alice Cozzi Foundation
  • Angelson Family Foundation
  • Brewer Charitable Trust
  • Brooklyn Arts Council
  • Brooklyn Community Foundation
  • Charitable Foundation of the Estate of Helen J. Wallace
  • City Lore
  • Endangered Language Documentation Programme
  • Endangered Language Fund
  • Galpern Family Foundation Trust
  • Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Sprachen (GBS)
  • Humanities New York
  • National Geographic Society
  • Persian Heritage Foundation
  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study
  • Reis Foundation
  • Robert Schiffman Foundation
  • Semnani Family Foundation
  • Worldwide Education and Research Institute

Individual Donors (Partial List)

Jason Andrew, Esther Allen, Shlomo Angel, Mikaela Barree, Douglas Bigham, Bronwyn Blackwood, John Brewer, Eleanor Bullock, Melina Campbell, Cheryl and Herbert Chaves, Daniel Crothers, Katherine Deimling, Leslie DiRusso, Lillie Dremeaux, Giles Edkins, Gloria Fisk, Christopher Gassett, Kathy Goodman, Ellen Gorowitz, Suzanne Gorowitz and Brad Trushin, Phyllis and David Grossman, Bob Holman, Chris Hughes, Anne and Rob Ivanhoe, Andrew Jungkuntz, Kevin Jacobson, Eytan Kaufman, Sam Kramer, Stephanie L. Krobot and Charles Krobot III, Shira Kronzon, John Lechner, Karan Mahajan, (in memory of) Amalia Malchiodi, Matthew Malone, Iris Mansour, Martha and Scot Perlin, Gregory Pleak, David Price, Ahmed Qadeer, Jackson Reed, Diane Reppert, Anastasia Riehl, John R. Sanderson, Carole Schiffman, Christoph Schreiber, Michele Sigler, Elizabeth Skeen, Beulah Stanley, Rita Vehlies, Greg Wayne, Janet Wellstood, Zach Wellstood, Linda Woznicki, and many others.


  • Google
  • Transparent, Technology Solutions Department