Unheard Of! Part II – The Pamirs

November 13, 2013

Our second installment of the Unheard Of! series will take place November 17th and focus on the Pamir region of Tajikistan and Northeast Pakistan. The Pamiri languages belong to the Iranic group but are only distantly related to Persian. They are increasingly marginalized as younger people begin to shift to Russian, Tajik and, in Pakistan, Urdu, as the languages of daily communication. There are strong efforts, however, in both Pakistan and Tajikistan to revitalize these languages and propagate them through written media.

Our event will feature music, poetry and stories in three Pamiri languages: Shughni, Bartangi and Wakhi, as read by local native speakers (with translations projected).

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear folk literature from the “roof of the world” and connect with one of New York’s unique cultural communities.

Place: 308 Bowery
Time: Sunday, November 17 12:00-1:30
$10 admission