ELA’s Language Map in the News

January 23, 2020

Since its release in December, ELA’s “Languages of New York” map has been featured in a range of publications, including Gothamist, Time Out, The Daily Sun (New York’s daily Japanese newspaper), with re-tweets by the New York City’s Mayor Office and leading New York City politicians.

Then a few weeks ago, The New York Times featured the work of our friend and collaborator Rasmina Gurung, together with ELA, to bolster her native language Seke — which has just 700 speakers worldwide, over 100 of whom live in NYC.

Above all, we’ve been thrilled by the fact that hundreds of people around the world have donated to ELA to receive the map and support linguistic diversity. So many of you have written to us about your languages, your communities, and your work — we’re sorry if we’ve been slow in responding, but please keep it all coming!