Feb 2: Unheard Of! Part IV: Himalayan NY

January 24, 2014

The Endangered Language Alliance presents the 4th installment of our series Unheard of! featuring the languages of the Himalayas! Located at the intersection of Bhutan, India, Nepal, China and Pakistan, the Himalayas are a region of intense linguistic and cultural diversity. New York is a center of the Himalayan diaspora, adding languages like Sherpa, Tibetan and Gurung to the daily interactional fabric of the city.

We’ve teamed up with Nawang Tsering Gurung, who leads the Himalayan Language and Culture Program in Brooklyn. Nawang is originally from Mustang, Nepal, and he’ll serve as our guide to the region. (Much as he did for the film crew of this National Geographic/PBS documentary, which describes his homeland as a “lost” “Shangri-La.”) Nawang has been working to preserve ancient songs from Mustang, and every weekend he teaches traditional songs, dances, language and religion to children from the local Himalayan community. We’re especially excited that Nawang’s students will be offering a special performance of traditional song and dance in addition to one of New York’s most respected Sherpa singers.

Unheard of! Part 4: The Himalayas

February 2, 2013

3:30 – 5:00 pm

Bowery Poetry – 308 Bowery, New York NY

$10 admission

UNHEARD Himalayas